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 We offer an entry to suit the modern artist marketing landscape

Our art calls are known for offering high-quality, high-value contests with awesome awards products. it’s no wonder each awesomeartprizes call for artists generates enthusiast artists enjoying a boost in their career.
We help to promote you and make useful products to show your work to the world. Our calls for artists are here to give all of you the same chance to boost your career.
Our art contests are international and open to all.
The art calls are affordable and easy to apply for. There are free reduced entry and full application if you want to load more images. Our call for art are contests with awesome prizes to satisfy any artist’s promotion and marketing needs. Apply today, it is even free for one application. Good luck and have fun.

What drives us

Whether you’re a beginer or professional artiste we are here to give you the tools that kan make a difference in artists’ career.We organize call for artists and art competitions with awards to help you reach your goals.
Awesomeartprizes has your promotion needs covered.


With rich functionalities, get a robust suite of options, Awesomeartprizes makes simple and enjoyable tools for artists.


Our Art calls and art contests can drastically help reduce the time it takes to move from initial concept to promotion-ready tools for artists. Your followers and clients will love you for it!


Artists, art collectors and galleries love the comfort, the hassle-free and efficiency that comes with our tools, and our dedicated support.


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